Amazing hotfix


A. Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1000w/2000w.

Improved intelligent control systems. 
Collision Prevention System. 
Remote control adjustment. 
Divider Exhaust System. 

High precision fibre cutting head.
New numerical control system applied.
Affordable operating costs and simple maintenance. 

Laser Power : 800W
Work range : 1,500×3,000 mm
Accuracy : +-0.05
Speed : 30 m/min
Power : 380V (+-10%) / 20A
Total Volume : 2200 × 4700 × 1600 mm. 

B. Hand Fiber Welder(1KW, 1.5KW).

Powerful performance by ten folds than existing one.
Small deformation, fast by narrow welding space and little heat influence.
Simple post process treatment and clean welding part.
Specification for ultra thin welding and low electricity consumption.
Various equipments for safety.

Output Power : 1KW
wavelength : 1080 mm
Pulse Energy : 5-20 kHz
Power Fluctuation : +-3%
fiber optic : 50um
fiber-optic length : 15 m
Focus : F=200 mm
Collimation : F=100 mm
Initial focus spot diameter : 0.2 mm
output method : hand torch output
Intelligent cooling system : with built-in cooling system
Power : 200-240 VAC, 50/60HZ, 6KW
Environment : 20 to 30 degrees, temperature 5% to 75 degrees. 

C. CNC Router of 4X8 size CNC System.

For channel specialist.
From board to 2.5D process.
Process range : 1,300X2,500X110mm.
PC, Aluminum, Formax, Steel, etc.

machining area : 1,300 × 2,500 × 110 (mm)
Maximum transfer speed : 1,800 mm/min
Spindle Power : 5.6kw Italian
Work resolution : 0.015 mm
Processing materials : acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminum, rubber, almite, fomax, ribbed iron plate
Exterior size : 3,000 × 1,800 × 1,500 mm
Weight : 1,000 kg
Interface : Serial Communication
Power : three-phase 380 V 50/60 Hz, AC
motor type : stepping motor
Fixed type : vibration absorption type (basic with ring bro and 5.0 kw)
Simultaneous support for cooling and airlocking.

D. High-speed Digital Flat Cutter.

Cutting of leather, fabric, film, foam board, and other materials.
Max. 1600mm/s cutting speed.
Cut it up to 50mm thick.
Precise cutting accuracy.
Double-edged shift system.

E. High-end Full-option Channel Bander.

High-end channel bending machine for stainless steel and galba.
Panaxonic Subsystem.
Integrated processing of plates and profiles. 

Flat surface milling cutting slitting system.
Circular clamp supply system
Double-edged shift system.

1. Panasonic subsystem.
According to each structure and requirement, it is possible to precisely and stably adjust each material by accurately correcting it with the optimal parameter value of each sub and softening each operation.

2. Circular clamp supply system.
The loop control system perfectly aligns the finished product with the file without deformation of the material of the circulating clamp supply design, sub-drive, high-quality ball screw, and redity guide rail.

3. Double-edged shift system.
Use stainless steel and galba as plate cutters. Use it for aluminum as a milling cutter.