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Velvet pride.
Velvet are topnotch grade in Korea.


AMATATE VELVET is seeped over the world velvet market, defeating Germany and Japan.
Above of all, this success in the development of AMATATE VELVET has a great significance that it became the prime mover of enabling the Korean velvet industry to hold an impregnable position in the world velvet market. 

AMATATE VELVET with luxurious feel is the goods that have the proper characteristics to velvet, with good brightness and high drapeability. 
Especially, its vivid and gorgeous color, which comes to have an unique effect in harmony with various items of AMATATE VELVET, is in the favorite use of the fashioners all around the world.


AMAPOLY VELVET is a product, with the innovated functionality of velvet, which is made by combining micro poly yarn with velvet first in the world. 

This product is characterized not only by the refine drapeability and fascinating color come from the softness and repellency proper to micro polyester but also the crease retention and water-washability from good durability of piles and it is of high functionality, so as to be rated at Grade 4 to 5 in fastness.

Additionally, because AMAPOLY VELVET, with splendid brightness, refinement, and soft touch, goes with every silhouette, it displays its true worth in various items such as pants, skirt, and blouse.

In effect, we have a rush of orders for AMAPOLY VELVET from the areas of U.S.A., Europe, and Japan, and this product which is commercialized by the world-famed brands is now on the market all over the world.


AMATON VELVET, one of the staple products, has been produced.
AMATON VELVET weaving machine imported from Germany in 1978. 

Such mass production served as a momentum for Korea to turn from an importer into a major exporter in the textile industry.
AMATON VELVET has neat and vivid color, and its strong piles permit the increase in the beauty of velvet. 

We continue to make researches to make differentiation in quality and touch through the development of various colors and the variation in the proportion of modal as well as cotton on the ground of velvet.
AMATON VELVET is a product which gains a public favor as a material for traditional full dress and formal suit, well expressing the beauty of velvet.


AMAKHAN VELVET is a product which has a glamorous effect of fake fur, with long-weaved piles. 
With a refined elegant image, it is characterized by soft touch, and the possibility of varied surface finishing, and is suitable for luxurious dress and interior decoration. 

Meanwhile, a lighter AMAKHAN VELVET made by our long-years' experience and technical capability now gains the favor of the buyers all over the world, because it has several advantages of managing and storing more easily than the general fur as well as of having good durability. 

Any clothes made in this product have the surface texture varying every moment with depth and light, and may express natural body silhouette according to the composition of fabrics, along with the elegant image.