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AMASPAN provide superb uniformity and productivity.
By means of robust polymer combined with innovative spinning/winding technology we have achieved tremendous improvements in wearer comfort, garment shape and fit retention, soft and smooth feel, durability and sports performance.      
AMASPAN are uniquely designed with a steep hysteresis curve to benefit the end consumers with consistent and long lasting stretch and recovery. Experience the soft feel and smoothness on your skin with AMASPAN.
Enabled by steady technological innovation to empower confidence with AMASPAN fabrics.     

Outstanding Uniformity :
Strict quality control increases the uniformity of spandex yarn, making it easy to produce high-quality fabrics.                  

Excellent Chlorine Resistance : 
Repeated washing or exposure to chlorinated water may reduce the stretch function.
AMASPAN products have improved chlorine resistance, so it retains high durability even when exposed to chlorine.