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Synthetic fiber industry is future industry in terms of replacing natural fiber and has huge forward backward linkage effect.
Special polymer production technology to produce high-tech yarns such as Cation dyable, Full dull and High shrinkage etc.

Filament Special Yarn for inner wear, gordeous dress, sportswear, stockings, leggings, are in great demand nowadays.
Soon we will offer another fabric conglomerate's filaments special yarn.

Polyester filament yarn is a thin yarn produced by spinning a liquid polymer through a fine nozzle.
Polyester is the most used artificial fiber as clothing material with excellent elasticity, resilience, and heat processability and is easy to manage.
It is also processed into fibers that have similar or better performance than natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and linen.
It is also being developed into quick drying, cold-feeling, and antibacterial yarn.

AMA 100, Superb stretch yarn with latent crimp.

  • Comfort stretch and good resilience
    The unique spring structure adds comfort stretch and good resilience.
  • Excellent rebound resilience
    Excellent rebound resilience adds special shape and drape to the fabric.
  • Covering spandex disadvantages
    PET component offers easy dyeing and processing in comparison to spandex.

    Blouse, Onepiece, Pants, Yoga clothes etc.

AMA 200, Wool like material with latent crimp stretch property.

  • Comfort stretch
    Having a comfort stretch and good rebound resilience by combination of special yarn.
    This yarn has a sense of wool with volume and a dry touch.
  • Excellent drape
    Special shape and excellent drape are added to the fabric.

    Suit, Jacket, Pants, One piece etc.


AMA 300, Excellent moisture management function put the body in a excellent condition at all time.

  • Excellent water absorption
    The special modified cross-section absorbs the sweat faster than any other fiber.
  • Rapid-drying
    Its rapid drying function superior to any natural fiber offers a refresh feeling to the body at all times.
  • Excellent drape and unique gloss
    It adds a dry touch, unique gloss and excellent drape to the fabric.

    Sports wear, Inner wear, Towel , socks etc.

AMA 400, Yarn which has unique touch with melange effect.

  • Special TouchIt adds a special touch suitable for spring/summer clothes.
  • Delicate melange effect
  • The special spinning technology adds delicate melange effect from the phase of yarn.
  • Moisture management
  • Instead of the modified cross-section, the special structure of the yarn itself reveal sweat-absorbing and rapid-drying.

    Blouse, T-shirts, Pants, sports wear etc.


 AMA 500, Cotton like looking and touch.

  • Cotton touch
    Our special technology results in cotton-like touch and volume.
  • Easy - care
    Cotton disadvantages such as pilling and fluff occurrence are minimized.
  • Comfortable fit
    It offers light and comfortable fit in comparison to cotton.

    Sports wear, Leggings, T-shirts, Outwear etc.