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■ Steam car wash.
Steam car wash cleans every inch of the car by spraying high-temperature and high-pressure steam set a steady pressure. which requires only about 300ml~1.2L of water to wash one vehicle.
It is an environment-friendly washing method without any wastewater by removing hundreds of millons of mites and molds inside the well as getting rid of car stains and oil stains in wheel and engine area..

◇ Advantages.
* Ensures high profits with small amounts of money since starting a steam car wash business does not require any special training.
* NO scratches because high-temperature(130℃~below)and high-pressure steam are used, allowong eveuy inch of the car to washed easily.
* Easily removes old stains by spraying high-temperature and high-pressure steam and decomposing pollutants without having to use detergents.
* Washes all areas of car including airconditioner that smells during the summer time.
* Makes sure every inch of the inside of the car is washed with high-temperature steam(130℃~85℃) such as the inside of the car with lots of germs,air conditioner,foot mat and stain smell.
* Protects painting by using high-temperature and high-pressure steam to get rid of old stains and bring back the car's paint back to its original color.
* Outstanding in remocing old oils in wheel and engine areas
* Able to control the strength of the stray easily with buttons
* Automatically cuts the power supply when the setting pressure has been reached.
* Strong steam stoay even after using continuously for 24 hours.
* Maximizing the cleaning dffect with functions that control dry steam and wet steam
* Alarm sound function that signals to prevent the malfunction of important parts in case of water shortage
* Installed with high-quality parts that are suitable for specifications of high-temperature and high-pressure
* Adopted 5 layers of satety device that ensures safety with an automatic control system for convenient operation.

■ Business.
Versatile industrial steam cleaning
Removes foreign substances and oil stains at industrial sites by using high-temperature and high-pressure steam spray that washes and sterilizes at the same time.
Can be used for cleaning and washing purposes at all industrial sites.


Dimensions 430mm(W)*630mm(L)*680mm(H)
Weight 75kg
Power consumption 18kw
voltage(three phase 220v,440v,380v / 50hz. 60hz
Steam temperature Max 130℃
Safety device 5 layer
Material Boiler(Stainless steel), Cover(Steel)
Maximum pressure


Maintained pressure 8kgf/cm2~9kgf/cm2 / 113psi~128psi
Steam type Dry steam / Wet steam
Basic accessories steam hose 12m×1 / Steam gun x 1
Spray quantity 300ML~1.3L/min
Water supply method Direct water