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Dancing Blossom Louis Vuitton for women and men

Myriad petals swirling in the air garden.
A long journey to explore the ever-changing kingdom of seasons.
The delicate and intense scent of flowers presented by Jacques Cavalier Belturou, savoring the extraordinary richness of nature.
Rare Grass roses blooming splendidly and magnificently.

A beautiful combination of trident jasmine and Indian tuberose wrapped gently like skin.
A refreshing apricot-colored Chinese Osmanthus with a rich scent of flowers.
Vortex of numerous petals that are incredibly lively.
Colorful yet subtle scent that sweeps the emotions.

‚Äč Louis Vuitton Les Sextre Colexion's Dancing Blossom presents five special perfumes that contain only the essence of scent based on the encounter of two great creators.
The Perfume Extre, recreated by Jacques Cavalier Beltru with a bold and elegant touch.
Frank Gehry's first perfume bottle design, one of the greatest architects of all time.
Mark Newton's original design features a curved silhouette. a sculptural ornament with a transparent curtain floating and rising in the air.
A metal lid resembling the shape of a flower that flutters in the wind, which was polished and completed by hand.