Amazing hotfix




- High-tech operation system with full color LCD monitor Shown operation instructions on the LCD monitor.
- Patented Operation system became innovatively easy and simple Make program on the machine and easily save and apply to other machines .
- Seperated operation menu and development menu(for developer).
- Possible to use all over the worlds languages.
- 10G, 13G, 15G, 18G, 21G knitting S,M,L,L2,L3 size knit in one machine.
- More than 40% energy save Automatic oil supply device.
- Wide and satable yarn holder Automatic Air blow system .
- More than 50% use less spare parts .
- More than 10% increase productivity .
- Equip yarn cut prevent device.
- Quick and simple reset.
- Rubber Yarn cut prevent device .
- UPS device 2Color, U3, Hook (Option).
- 100% made in Korea components.
- Safety sensor or Safety cover (Option).
- Every yarn rubbing parts using ceramic.
- Convenient and easy control box system.
- Various kinds of glove knitting (Touch scrren glove, half finger glove, 2finger 3finger gloves ..)

Main Point.

Convenient Control System
With full color LCD monitor, maximized convenience to be used by anyone easily approach the menu and operate the machine. Instructions are on the screen and important settings are in the developer’s menu to develop and improve the product.