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We maintain internationally approved spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and coating technology
on super quality yarns and fabrics which are high-tenacity rayon yarn, Cotton, Wool, Silk, Linen blended yarn
and mixed, Micro, polynosic fabric.


AMADAL is a cellulose fiber made from wood pulp by Lenzing.
It is high durable rayon which makes up for the weakest point like low wet strength and shrinkage in the existing viscose fiber.
It has elegant luster, silk touch, drape as good as the existing rayon.
It is dyeable to vibrant colors and absorbent.

When it is washed, Lenzing modal removes most remnants, and is highly resistant to shrinkage.
It will preserve the original form after several washings.                                     

Extract materials from a beech - natural materials
smooth and soft fiber structure 3S-Soft, Smooth and Silkybr
3S-Soft, Smooth and Silky comfortable wear.

Excellent ventilation and absorption.
Vivid and pure color and soft touch after 25 times washing (natural conditioner)
 prefect bleding (the most suited to cotton, balance improvement, only one color tone dyeing).

 AMADAL application.         
Inner-wear, Outer-wear, Lingerie, Sportswear, Blouse, Socks, Sweater, Towel, Home Textile etc.

B. AMACEL- New age fiber.

AMACEL is organic solvent spinning cellulose fiber made from wood pulp and high-durable rayon made up for the weak point in the general rayon.
It has slight shrinkage when processing or washing.

Shrinkage in fiber structure is slighter than cotton.
It is strong in the wet and dry,
It has smooth touching, elegant luster, and good drape.

 Superior moisture control ( absorb and emit moisture on the temperature, the highest absorption 25%).
 Bacteria growth control.
 smooth fiber structure
 temperature control
 non stimulus to the skin. 
 suitable for the sensitive skin
 diversity through various processing (Peach Skin, Suede tone, Fbril control -LF, A-100)
 superior durability (high wet strength)
 antistatic finishing. 

AMACEL application.
denims, dress shirt, blouse, sportswear, T-shirt, sheer etc.

C. AMASIL - New age performance spun yarn.

Fashinable and high performance.
Maintain dry and pleasant feeling.
Excellent moisture absorption and quick dry.
Soft and comfortable fit.
Distinctive from Poly/Rayon, Poly/Cotton.

New performance spun yarn that is both fashionable and functional.
Optimal fiber structure for excellent moisture management.
Permanent functions unaffected by wash and abrasion.
More durable and stronger than Poly/Rayon, Poly/Cotton.
End use : shirts. blouse, sportswear, underwear, school uniforms, industrial uniforms.