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AMASMART DESIGNER - Fashion and Textile design CAD Software

AMASmartDesigner is an innovative and intelligent design solution for the apparel, textile related industries.

Whether you’re looking for design inspiration, creating photo?realistic draping combos in a hurry, sketching freehand or developing storyboards,
AMASmartDesigner offers a complete set of expert tools.
AMASmartDesigner improves the quality of presentation, helps to develop better designs, and most importantly, seamlessly links your design desk with knitting machines directly.

AMASmartDesigner is offered via the Application Service Provider model.
You can access it anytime, anywhere. Your work is stored in your own computer.
All you need is Internet access and plentiful of new ideas.
What’s more, we have created a series of image libraries to leave you more time for creative tasks that matter.

In this mode, you can design your own knit products with automatic switches of knits and purls, tension changes, and many other features of your taste. Its built-in library also contains designs such as 'Cable', 'Scotch' and more.
You can create life-size knit patterns and analyze the density and the size of your yarn.

Drape Image Mode
This mode provides a 3D simulation, letting users have a realistic preview of how the product would look in real life. It is particularly useful during product planning and product presentation in different sectors such as clothing, interior, fabric fashion accessory.
  Creating a New Project

AMASmartDesigner has a presentation function which allows the user to conduct a presentation without converting to a different format.
All modes, including basic, knit, weave, drape etc, support the presentation mode.
It supports Vector to minimize image damages.

Videos Overview Key Features
AMASmartDesigner is online CAD software with various functions to express the designer’s infinite creativity. The direct combination of design features of the industrial specialty and users’ interface shortens the development time while maintaining creativity. General Image Mode

The 2D graphic design mode provides a comprehensive collection of professional drawing and design tools to assist designers from freehand sketching to storyboard development. The tools includes a broad pallete of colours, line and shape drawings, pattern repeatings, fast color changes, color combinations and 300 more features. You can use various library colors and pens, and this will make your schematization and design much more convenient.

 Weave Image Mode

Choose the type of yarn in whichever color you want from the yarn palette and customize your weave design. This mode also provides a large library with diamond, twill, plain, herringbone and etc. and this will save your time and cost. Specifications sheet with information including yarn count, width & density, number of repeats, weave structure and more can be automatically generated.