Amazing hotfix


Boutiques are designed like exquisite, gem-like settings for our creations crafted by the most talented artists and artisans.
A Temple of Beauty. A Homage to Art. A prestigious and daring expression of the House.
A place that invites exploration and experience, a destination for lovers of the “AMAZING art of living” and a place where history melds with whim.

Spas carry on this tradition of excellence, embodied by settings that are as exclusive as the treatments offered.
Designed by renowned architects, they are inspired by the cultural  heritage of each location, creating a unique atmosphere.
Our treatment protocols are the fruit of AMAZING’s own unique aesthetic expertise and
savoir-faire, offering clients around the world a truly exceptional experience.

Eternally linked with the beauty of Nature and far more than just symbolic.
As true wonders of Nature and environmental sentinels.
We are committed to preserving biodiversity, innovating sustainably,
acting for the climate and creating a positive social impact.
Above all, we seek to protect one of Nature’s most precious wonders.
We place their preservation at the heart of our Purpose and
have dedicated several meaningful partnerships.

Beauty is permanent quest.
We value diversity, we leverage expressions of beauty.
Create the beauty that move the world.

The desire for beauty have existed since the start of humanity.
This is universal aspiration which cross time, countries, cultures.
Beauty is more than just looking good.
Beauty give confidence in who we are, in who we want to be,
and in our relationships with others.