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Textile printing with pigment and industrial ink chemistries.
Inkjet printing systems for graphic, textile and industrial applications. 
Digital printing enables users to print and decorate on-demand and just-in-time, regardless of the quantity, size and shape of substrates, 
such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, ceramics and textile, with no pollution, makeready times and costs.  

AMADIGIPRI-400 is the ultimate platform for direct printing on fabrics at professional level.
Thanks to its high productivity, automation options and the sticky-belt feeding system, graphic users
and industrial textile businesses can easily print on woven and nonwoven fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, Tyvek, rayon, velvet and more. 

The printing process with pigment inks is direct and doesn't require coating and finishing operations,
such as steaming and washing, delivering vibrant colors and perfect softness for just-in-time delivery or sewing.

Hybrid Textile Printer for papers and fabrics.

Speed : Max 150 square meter / hour.
Resolution : Max 720X1,440 DPI.
Print Width : 3.2 meter.
Print Head : 4 Colors/ 8 Head. 

Prints on both papers and fabrics.
For soft signage, home textile, and exhibition displays applications.
2 different images can be printed on 2 different rolls of sublimation papers. 


Digital Inkjet Printing Solution.
Dye Sublimation Textile Printer.
Fastest speed and auto operation with Sleep Mode. 

Fastest dye sublimation textile printer in its class
Improved productivity with high print speed (80~115㎡/h)
Print 200m in 4 hours (1.6m width transfer paper).

Automatically shuts down additional functions without powering off.
Mobile application for Smartphone & Tablet
to check status, options, etc. in real time, anywhere.

Mini-Jumbo Take-Up System :
Optimize Printing for 10 hrs unattended operations
500m (1,640ft) continuous printing

Bulk Ink Tank :
6.5L bulk ink tank in each color
4 and 8 color option. 

Digital Eco Solvent Printer.

1. Solid durability and upgraded output quality.
    Best seller in 3.2m Eco Solvent Printer.

2. Simultaneous print of 1.6 media two rolls.
Fabric in one part, sheet in other part.
Two 1.6m equipments effect as one 3.2m equipment.

3. It operate and check all functions,articles of equipment in PC.
It confirm all from real-time print speed to equipment state.
It need to separate PC connection, not built-in type.

Sign and Graphics Printer.
Entry-level Aqueous Pigment Printer.

Speed : Max 97 Square meter / hour.
Resolution : Max 720 X 1,200.
Best After Sales Service based on world wide network.