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Artificial leather PVC

Artificial leather PVC and Artificial leather PU

Artificial leather PVC is to utilize heat plasticity and laminate PVC to fabric and embo, surface treatment. 
Artificial leather PVC demand are increasing for car seat, car door, furniture, women fashion dress, small tools, accessories, housewares, etc.

 Artificial leather PVC is flammable. 
Black, Grey are basic colors.
If other colors, price is a bit raised by dyestuff treatment.
1 Roll = 137cm X 30meter, 40meter.
Artificial leather PU.
137cm X 40 meter = 1 Roll.
Properties - Hardness.
Using resin- Straight PVC.
Work method - Rolling.
Work speed - Fast.
Process cost - Inexpensive.
Product - Normal

Properties - Softness.
Using resin - Paste PVC.
Work method - Gelling.
Work speed - Slow.
Process cost - Expensive.
Product - High quality.

PVC production process (CASTING).
Casting processs method : process way to make gelling, foaming after coating Plastisol on Release Paper. 

Casting foaming process.
Release paper - Skin layer gelling - Foam layer foaming - Binder coating - fabric laminating - Separating. 

Vacuum embossing process.
Shape engraving pattern in adsorption way by vacuum and realize similar pattern with true skin, not influence on thickness, properties, foaming cell of product.
PVC production process(Calender).
Measuring - Mixer - Banbury - Roller mixing - Calender - Laminating - Cooling - Rewinder - Blower - Embossing - Surface coating - Dry - Inspection - VOCs control - Winder - Shipment.