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Knit refers to everything that consists of a single-stranded thread that leads to a loop in a line or cotton state.
Any material in the form of yarn can be a material for knitwear, 
and it can be said to be a very interesting and changeable material because the results of the tissue vary depending on the tool or the method of knitting.

Various styles of cut & sour (collectively referred to as cut & sewn fabrics) and layered sweater fashion are emphasized.
Knitwear is not only comfortable and active, but also suitable for modern people's preferences that value individual expressions due to its flexible, stretchable, drape, and moldable characteristics.

Wide range of applications from underwear to outerwear and accessories is not insufficient to satisfy both the functional and aesthetic tastes of fashionistas seeking reasonable consumption.

Knit is said to have originated from the word "Nyttan" in Anglo-Saxon, meaning "woven fabric by hand" derived from the ancient Sanskrit word "Nahyti."
Knit refers to a woven fabric of everything regardless of material or technique.‚Äč

In the 20th century, knitwear began to emerge as a fashion area in 1920 when it was designed by designer Gabriel Chanel as a non-Due to its good elasticity, it is possible to freely engage in activities, is light and easy to groom, so it has become widely used in daily life other than sportswear, and is loved for commuting and commuting regardless of gender.

Since then, knitwear has developed as it has become recognized as a high-quality, high-priced and competitive item.
World-renowned fashion designers are making no effort to present their own unique and trendy knitwear designs without omission in their collection composition.
This is proof that they reflect the needs and expectations of fashion consumers for "knitwear."