Amazing hotfix



▪ Smart Tension System (S.T.S)
▪ Smart Action Presser Foot (S.A.P)
▪ New Slim Cylinder Arm
▪ 15.1 inch Full Touch LCD
▪ Max 1,200 RPM
▪ Compact Size & Wide Embroidery Fiel
▪ Machine Size1,000 X 770 X 1,000 mm(including Stand 1,700mm)
▪ Embroidering Range520 X 360 mm
▪ Color15 Colors

1. Smart Tension System

 - Smart Tension System (STS) automatically adjusts the thread tension by analyzing the stitch type and machine speed.
 - Produce consistently high-quality embroidery with STS and reduce lost productivity in manual adjustment of thread tensions.

2. Smart Action Presser Foot

 - Smart Action Presser Foot (SAP) adjusts the height of the presser foot automatically by way of an independent presser foot motor.
Regardless of the thickness of the fabric, the best quality embroidery can be completed easily with SAP.
Adjust the minimum height of the presser foot by setting preferences on the operation panel.

3. Slim Cylinder Arm

- Redesign of the cylinder arm improves the quality of embroidering on products
- Reduction of the cylinder bed circumference to 170mm
- Reducing working space between the needle plate and cap frame.

4. Picker On / Off

-We offer Picker on/off both two versions. You can get below meaningful result when selecting Picker off version.
-Do not need to replace picker when it bent or snapped. Easy to change bobbin and bobbin case.

5. Easy Change Cap System (Option)

-The Cap Frame has been re-designed and is lighter and stronger. Switching between cap frame and tubular frames is quick and easy (using thumb screws)
- no tools required. This allows the users to efficiently manage their working hours and improve productivity by operating machine in high-speed.​​​​​​