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Leading fiber Leading fiber material of nylon, polyester fabric thread, fabrics/dyed, processed fabric products with sustainable development.
AMAZING's line of high-functional yarn of Micro-fine denier Yarn(AMAFINE and AMASOFT) and Bonding Yarn(AMAGLU) and High luster Yarn(AMAREX) and Far-infrared Yarn(AMAFIT).


AMAFINE is a fine denier yarn that not only has nylon’s inherent strengths such as lightness and soft texture but is also designed to suit lighter and more delicate fabrics.AMASOFT is a multi-filament yarn containing microfibers, and it possesses an even more enhanced soft texture.AMAFINE and AMASOFT are our family of fine denier per filament for superior softness, comfort, lightweight feel and longlasting vibrant colors.

Comfort and weightless.
Sheer and transparent effect.

Smooth and sensual touch of flat microfiber.
Soft touch of draw-textured microfiber.
Cotton-like touch of air-textured microfiber.


AMAGLU melts at much lower temperatures than other conventional fibers, which allows it to provide and adhesive bond to the fibers without damaging the fiber or textile,and escalating the bonding strength and providing stability in the shape of fiber.
AMAGLU melt at much lower temp. than conventional fibers, which allows it to provide adhesive bond to fibers.
Elastic bands for strengthnening picot.
Edge-bonding of raschel lace etc.
Bonded sewing thread.
Chenille yarn for covers of furniture and automobile seat.


AMAREX has super sparkling and glistening luster(pearl) with good drapery and beautiful color and rebound elasticity.
AMAREX has unique cross section in super bright luster to provide sparkling and glistening appearance in fabrics.

Lingerie, Casual and Sportswear, Fitness and Yoga.


Performance nylon that emits far infrared radiation through special minerals embedded in yarn.
Performance fiber that emits far infrared radiation through special minerals embedded in yarn.

Activate body circulation.
Keep body temp.
UV protection.
Permanent emitting of far infrared ray.