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Spangle, Cord device which arranged in a row is attached to Shiffli Machine to Embroider spangle or cord selectively according to design. This device embroiders each spangle or cord design by choice.

Main Function
1. Gauge
- 8x4 Gauge(Arranged in a row) Spangle 8x4 Gauge, Cord 8x4 Gauge arranged in a row
- 12x4 Gauge(Arranged in a row) Spangle 12x4 gauge, Cord 12x4 Gauge arranged in a row

 2. Thickness of cord : Ø1.5~Ø2.5
3. Standard requirements of Spangle
- Hammer type
- Size and shape : Chosen by buyer(ex; Circle/Clover/Flower-5petals, 6petals/Square/diamond)

4. RPM : 4000~450rpm depends on capacity of embroidery machine (optional)
- Embroidery machine with jacquard : Speed control system is added to control in two steps.(optional)
- Embroidery machine with Computer : Controls normal, cord and spangle in three steps.

Main specification

Item Detail
Power Voltage Single phase AC 220V(50/60Hz)
Consuming Electricity 4Kw
Surrounding Temperature 0~40°C
Surrounding Humidity 20~80% RH
Insulation Resistance The third class grounding

Aspect of Embroidery work
According to order, Normal, Spangle or Cord is embroidered selectively. (able to borer)
Diagram of Cord, Spangle Composition

Drive setting part
Cord : Controls accurate position and tension of cord by adopting ServooMotor to express smooth embroidery work.
Spangle : Creating rapid spangle in/out and increasing RPM by using high torque stepping motor to increase productivity.

Spangle Power Press
It prepares embroidery work by cutting spangle strings(made of various color coated or pasteboard polyester film) and then rolling on to bobbins.

Mending Device
It is installed to industrial and zigzag sewing machine to med spangles.

Controller Part
According to cord thread, front yarn and fabric, it controls maintaining tension system.
It controls accurate position during changing spangles.