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Chiffon is written with the name of another fabric, indicating the lightness of the fabric, and chiffon crepe refers to a thin crepe fabric.
It is suitable for spring and summer and is used in women's blouses, dresses and lingerie.

Lightweight, flexible, and delicate silk fabric.
It is used in women's blouses, dresses, lingerie, scarves, etc.

It is a plain fabric made of coarse density using a flat speaker that goes to raw yarn and seed yarn.
It looks like a fabric that hasn't been fully polished right after it has been removed.
The use of a combustion agent is similar to that of a georgette, but chiffon alternately arranges speakers of S and Z, or only one directional speaker is used.

Chiffon means 'a piece of rags' in French.
It is light and thin silk. In recent years, it has been made of synthetic fibers to reduce the price of fabric.