Amazing hotfix



What really makes a new Galaxy is,
More progressive attempts and practices.
Not only do we use recycled materials to think about the Earth,
It's a color with nature.
Experience the Galaxy S23 Ultra for yourself.

From elegant elegance to heavy moderation,
inspired by nature
The color of natural dye 3 is...
As much as the colors of nature,
Each reveals a different charm.

A special color that attracts you.
For you who are different, only here, only at Samsung Dotcom
The unique color that you can see fits well.4

Sky Blue

For nature, for all of us.
Recycled glass, recycled PET film, etc.
The Galaxy S23 Ultra is made of nature-conscious materials.
I deliver it in a 100% recycled paper box.
It's basic to be nice.
Efforts to reduce unnecessary packaging.
I will practice it with you.

Beyond the note, the Galaxy S23 Ultra's
I'm going to use this S Pen that you can see in your daily life.
Sketch and take notes of the inspirations that come to mind right away.
Don't waste paper and draw as much as you want.
Your thoughts...
It's going to spread out more widely.

We filmed the same space, the same moment together. There are times when a friend asks me to do this.
"Oh! You took it well. Can I share it?"
It's an image sensor, a pixel that absorbs light.
As a result of applying hand shake correction technology to the camera.
With a professional camera.
Your work will definitely stand out.

from the very dark to the very bright
Whether it's a picture or a video, I'll do my best
Pixels that absorb light according to the surrounding situation
Light low illumination and improve blurring.
It can also catch light smudging and capture clean moments.

The deeper the emotions and the different dimensions of the density
Galaxy S23 Ultra's camera.
The reason for calling it professional.
It has a soft background that increases the concentration of the subject.
DSLR-level detail implementation is not limited to
There's a glow in the portrait.

Even backlighting can't ruin your night videos.
It's an enhanced OIS that captures stable images even at low light.
Reduce the noise of the scene and make the texture more detailed.
It's like a movie, you can complete a clear and soft video.

The night sky that only two eyes could capture.
Now put it in the video.
If you record the changes in the night sky with Hyperlaps,
You can appreciate the clear movement of stars.

With improved wide-angle camera resolution,
Experience crisp pictures that you haven't seen before.6
The texture and pattern are very detailed.
With overwhelming detail and amazing clarity,
Zoom & crop is a completely different picture.
You can get new pictures.

The new pixel sensor is offering 200 million pixel photos.
You can do various things.
You can create new works indefinitely.

Capture not only the image but also the text in the video with the S Pen.
You can save it to your calendar right away.
with a wider S Pen radius of activity
Your daily life and work will be more free.

Play games, stream, anything with more powerful chips.
You can enjoy it for a longer time without worrying about the battery.
Free to enjoy what you like and powerful Galaxy is with you.

Mouse, keyboard, touchpad.
It's a multi-control system that connects and uses together.
You can freely cross between smartphones and PCs.
Work efficiently.