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Aurora Blue Light Weight Jewelry Colorful Modern BROOCH.

1. MODERNROSE brooch
High quality and reliable made.

In order to match characteristic "forever”,we use long-lasting materrials and high-quality stainless steel.
By carefully smoothing and sharpening the surface, the brilliance and beauty are perfectly expressed.  

The rose that fascinates many people is the motif worked on for the first time.
It features the brilliance and three-dimensionality peculiar to STAINLESS, and has a surprisingly gorgeous presence in a single wheel.
Not only red, but also blue and black are available in 7 unique colors that you can enjoy regardless of gender.
The product comes with a magnet and a display stand.
You can enjoy it as his interior by attaching it to the attached display stand.                   

2. Material:stainless steel.
Color:red / blue / silver / bordeaux / Aurora gold / Aurora blue / black.

3. About the simply usability
Easy to wear with magnets Powerful magnets(Neodymium magnet)are attached,so it is easy to wear even on winter knit fabric.
Light weight since the product is quite big in three-dimensional size , you might think it is heavy.
But in fact , the average weight is 70 grams , making it also usable even on georgette blouses.

Prodauct care Made out high-quality stainless steel , dropping the product wouldn’t harm.
You can easily wipe off the dust with a cheek-brus
Continuous beauty Since the stainless steel of, aging, such as copper or brass does not occur.
Can be used in long and beautiful condition with color and shape.

4. Hospitality
At the time of purchase, we will give you a special magnet, box, and display stand.
You can also enjoy it as an interior by using a display stand.